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About TECH ZONE Event Support

TECH ZONE has been the preferred neutral tech support at the many of the biggest mountain bike events since 2006. JP and his crew make sure your bike is thoroughly checked, serviced and repaired when necessary before each stage.  When done, your bike is safely stored and ready for you to collect before the start. 

You ride 'em, we fix 'em!

Typical TECH ZONE Package

  1. Brakes check

  2. Gears check

  3. Pivot torque check

  4. Bearing check

  5. Drivetrain check

  6. Tyre check 

  7. Repairs if required (parts charged separately)

  8. Secure bike storage when completed 

  9. Optional bike transportation

Note: Packages vary by event depending on the available facilities.  Detail will be confirmed in the booking process. 

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